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Common ways trauma impacts a person:

  • stuck in unsatisfying or damaging relationship patterns
  • self-sabotage
  • nightmares
  • avoiding anything that might remind you of what happened
  • emotional overwhelm (which causes much shame)
  • emotional shutdown (because the emotional world is too much)
  • panic attacks 
  • difficulties standing up for yourself
  • keeping people away emotionally
  • intrusive thoughts, feelings, sensations or memories that are hard to control
  • going away in your mind or dazing out
  • hyper-vigilance
  • bigger startle response than other people
  • inability or strong lack of desire to remember parts of your life

Many people think of abuse, rape, or war when they think of trauma.  While they certainly are traumatic experiences, anything that sends a person into fight, flight, or freeze can be considered traumatic for that person.  What may have been a terrible experience for one sibling can be experienced as traumatic for another.  We would understand together how your life experiences impacted you.

Trauma is some of the worst experiences life has to offer.  It's no wonder it's found to be in the background of many people seeking therapy.  Whether you're looking for therapy to deal with the trauma directly, or to address how it's impacting an important area of your life, I'd like to help.  ​

You can have freedom from your past

When something bad has happened