Imagine what it would be like to come home to a peaceful house. No yelling. No arguing. You trust your teen. Your teen respects you.

Over the past 10 years I have taught many parents of pre-teens and teens the skills and methods required for stopping destructive behaviors. I have helped many adolescents express their pain and move on with their lives.

If you'd like your teen to attend counseling, and want some tips on how to talk to your teen about it, check out my article How Do I Get My Teen To Attend Therapy? 

teens and pre-teens

Are you worried your teen or pre-teen may be on the wrong path?

I can help you with your teen

Parenting teenagers is stressful. If you are a parent and you are concerned about the choices your teen is making, you are not alone. Most parents find this to be a very challenging time.

In the first place, there are many books and programs designed to help the younger years, but far less for families going through the teen years. The discipline that stopped Julie from teasing her brother when she was 8 now only gets an eye roll.  Add on to that the lovely benefit of your teen constantly reminding you that you don't know what you're doing, Susie's mom lets her do whatever she wants, you're the worst parent ever, and they wish they had never been born. You've got a recipe for your own meltdown.

Counseling for families going through the teen years