Counseling for families going through the teen years

Counseling looks at what hasn't worked in the past so you can have a new future

Are you satisfied with the relationships in your life?

For most people, nothing brings greater joy, despair, confusion, or frustration than relationships.  When you feel known, understood, accepted, and treasured by the people you care about, everything just seems to work better.

Romantic, family, friendship, and professional relationships are important to a meaningful life.  

Whether it's seeking help with a current relationship that's on the rocks, healing from a past relationship, or sorting out why you're not having the relationships you want, counseling can be a supportive place to understand yourself and your relationship patterns.  Through the process of understanding why you aren't getting the love you want, you become more free to build greater intimacy with your current partner(s) or find someone who is right for you.


Therapists work with traditional as well as non-traditional relationships such as LGBTQ, LS, and poly.  Your relationships are important to you, and it is important you know that your therapist is informed and accepting.