Counseling for families going through the teen years

Hello, welcome.  You're probably here either because you want help with something and you're figuring out how to talk to your parents about it, or because you've been required to go to therapy and you're looking up more information about your therapist.  

Either way, hi. 

Note to teens/pre-teens only

Most teens have lots of reasons for not wanting to share things with their parents.

  • They are worried parents will be disappointed or mad  
  • They're sure they'll get in trouble 
  • They believe they are taking care of their parents by dealing with things on their own  
  • They have parents who have so much hurt in their own lives, they don't respond well to stress and so when stressful things come up, parents don't know how to help them.   

Whatever your reason, if you're thinking about getting counseling, it's time to talk to them.  Even if they don't react the best, most parents want to get their kids the help they need.    

Talking to your parents about counseling

so you're going to counseling...

I don't typically share much information about myself, but I've found some teens need to know a little something about me before they feel comfortable spilling their guts.  I mean, in what other setting would it be anything but weird to share about stuff with a complete stranger?  Feel free to ask me any question.  I may or may not answer it, but I'll always speak truthfully.  

It's important to me that you feel heard, and that your concerns are taken seriously, so if something comes up that you don't like, let me know.  Some people work better when I give them homework to do during the week, while for other people, it just adds more stress.  My job is to work together with you to figure out the best way to help you.  That might mean having a safe place to vent, feeling safe to finally talk about that thing you don't really want to talk about, or finding strategies to rebuild trust with your parents so you can have your phone/friends/life back again.  Whatever it is, I probably can't be shocked, so share what you need to.  

I want to support you finding your voice and your strength so you can deal with whatever life has thrown at you.