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More than feeling down, depression saps all the energy and spark a person typically has. It seems so easy to do the things you know would help you feel better, but for some reason you can't.  It's like you're watching the world go on and you can't get out of bed to be part of it.  Depression can be a short-term signal something is wrong, or something you've always dealt with.  Along with anxiety, depression is one of the most common disorders people with deal with.  


Depression, grief, and sadness are very different experiences that can feel similar.  Sadness is a reaction to something that hurts.  It is one of several feelings available at birth and part of the human experience.

Grief is a necessary movement through a deep sadness from a meaningful loss. It can feel like the ocean's waves are about to crash over your head.  But just like the ocean, the waves recede and return.  Eventually the grief subsides.  Therapy can help people through this process as it can be overwhelming or disrupted because of the immensity of the feelings involved.  It is also a normal part of the human experience.

Depression feels like a sadness that never goes away.  It can feel like an extra weight you always carry around, or something that knocks you out of your normal routine for a while.  Everything is harder when you're depressed.  It's similar to grief in that it can feel immense.  It's different from grief in that there is no natural movement through it.  In fact, most people feel stuck in their depression.  

But there is help.  Counseling would help you get to the root of what has sapped all your energy and joy and desire so you can live again.

Getting out of the pit

depression and grief

You can find joy