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anxiety is the expectation of being hurt

you can find peace of mind

Nobody likes to feel stressed all the time.  Anxiety causes people to struggle to sleep, eat, or enjoy their relationships.  It can bother the people they are closest to and disrupt lives.  Along with depression, it is one of the most common disorders people deal with in life.  It may be a short term reaction to a stressor, or something you've dealt with all your life.  

Anxiety is one of those issues that can respond well to very practical suggestions, so we would work together to find the skills that give you the relief you need.  However, often there are underlying reasons for the anxiety expressing itself as it does in your life.  We would work to figure out why the alarm of anxiety is going off inside of you.

Anxiety can express itself in the mind with lots of worry, ruminating, or thoughts that won't go away.  Anxiety can also be expressed in the body with tightness, sore muscles, restlessness, or excessive spurts of energy.  For most people, it's a combination of both.  I would help you find ways to manage your anxiety so you can find the relief you need.